Our culture

Our Company Values

Our Generali Values describe what is important for us and we stick to them, no matter what.

DELIVER ON THE PROMISE: We tie a long-term contract of mutual trust with our people, customers and stakeholders; all of our work is about improving the lives of our customers. We commit with discipline and integrity to bringing this promise to life and making an impact within a long-lasting relationship.

VALUE OUR PEOPLE: We value our people, encourage diversity and invest in continuous learning and growth by creating a transparent, cohesive and accessible working environment. Developing our people will ensure our company’s long-term future.

LIVE THE COMMUNITY: We are proud to belong to a global Group with strong, sustainable and long-lasting relationships in every market in which we operate. Our markets are our homes.

BE OPEN: We are curious, approachable and empowered people with open and diverse mindsets who want to look at things from a different perspective.

Our Company Behaviours

Our behaviours describe how we all want to do things and complete our tasks every day, they are our way of doing that makes us different from the rest. They are our commitment, as a community and as individuals. They are the way we want to measure how we achieve results.

OWNERSHIP: act with proactivity and passion for excellent performance

SIMPLIFICATION: make things simple, adapt quickly and take smart decisions

HUMAN TOUCH: partner with others, showing empathy and team spirit

INNOVATION: embrace differences to make innovation happen

Our Code of Conduct

The Generali Code of Conduct is our guide to doing the right thing. Our Code sets ethical expectations of everybody working for, or on behalf of, Generali around the world.

Having a common set of Values and clear ethical expectations in our Code helps us to make choices in a consistent way and enables our workplace to continue to be an environment where frankness, openness and candour can be relied upon. When anyone is faced with an ethical dilemma, our Values and our Code will guide them.

Our managers are expected to be role models for our Code and to make their teams feel comfortable asking questions about whether certain behaviour or business proposals are in line with our Values and the principles of our Code. In addition, online and instructor led training programmes coupled with a comprehensive communications programme ensure that all our employees are fully aware of the importance of our code and their responsibilities to speak up if they have any concerns.

Everyone is encouraged to voice concerns or ask for clarification on any aspect of our Code. To facilitate this, we have both local and group level reporting channels available for people to report any concerns in all of the countries where we operate. Confidentiality is guaranteed, and we have zero tolerance for any form of retaliation.

Reporting Concerns

If you would like to raise a concern, please let us know the details by sending us an email:

- GENERALI INSURANCE MALAYSIA BERHAD whistleblow.gi@generali.com.my

- GENERALI LIFE INSURANCE MALAYSIA BERHAD whistleblower.life@generali.com.my

Other reporting channel, the webform available at secure.ethicspoint.eu.

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